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We present decades of experience in building financial apps. Get Mimosa SE, Mimosa MC & Mimosa MF for your financial institution today. Click on the button below and let's set you up for the Mimosa Xperience.

Who We Are

We are a team of talented young people drawn from different backgrounds in Software Engineering, Data Science, UI/UX, Database Engineering, etc.

The work we do take patience, deligence, hard work, technical and non technical expertise. Using the agile methodological approach, we collaborate and build our solutions with the industry.

We don't do magic. Our work is pure adherance to industry
best practices, human intelligence & above all, the GRACE OF GOD

Project Ideation

Our projects, whether a new project to serve an industry, a plugin/feature to improve our services or a feature requested by a client, all starts with an idea.

Research & Development

Our team of experts brainstorm possible solutions and come out with the best most cost and time efficient way to accomplish the tasks

Test, Deploy & Support

We carry out rigorous testing before deployment. And after that the cycle repeats itself through support and maintenance.


See what we've got.
The results of collaborative effort

BoG Prudential Reports


All-in-one Dashboard

Loan Portfolio Reports

Multi-Branch Support

Multi-Bank A/C Support

SMS Alert

Susu & Savings Manager

Production Report

Loans Manager

Loan PAR Analysis

Several Payment Options

MoMo Inter-operability

Mimosa Xp boasts of the following features

Intuitive Reports

Production analysis, Mobile bankers' report, Loan officers' portfolio analysis, Portfolio at Risk report, Intuitive dashboard, Financial reports, Graph Reports, PDF/Excel reports and more. Mimosa also have industry specific prudential reports like BoG GCSCA for Susu enterprises, BoG MCAG report for Micro Credit and Microfinance companies.


Mimosa Xp is an integrated platform. It does not only manage clients deposit and loan data. It also provides tools for recording, processing and reporting on the financial health of your business. Mimosa Xp does payment options, bank reconciliation, internal funds transfer, partners' equity report and drawings, trial balance, income statement, balance sheet etc.

Mimosa SE

Mimosa comes in 3-tiers, the first tier, Mimosa SE (Mimosa for Susu & Savings Enterprises) helps GCSCA (Ghana Coorporative of Susu Collectors Association) members to keep track of their clients' deposits, withdrawals, commissions, statements, production by mobile bankers etc. Mimosa SE has SMS alerts, active/dormant client report, financial statements, GCSCA Report in PDF & Excel formats etc.

Mimosa MC

Mimosa MC (Mimosa Micro Credit) is designed from the ground up for Micro Credit institutions. MMC concentrates on only loan operations. It enable members of the Micro Credit Association of Ghana (MCAG) to monitor clients loan disbursements, repayments, payment options such as bank, cash and mobile money, PAR, etc. It offers debtors report, loan officers performance analysis, financial statements, and more.

Mimosa MF

Mimosa MF combines the power of both MSE & MMC into one solid unified offering called Mimosa Microfinance. Mimosa MF supports deposit taking, micro credit services operations, fixed deposits and more. This third tier has a downgrade flexibility that gives you peace of mind. MMF also supports multiple branches.

SMS Portal

Mimosa Xp SMS portal is integrated into all tiers and provides great flexibility for users to manage which clients get alert and who don't. SMS can be configured to announce service interuptions, new services, balance updates, season greetings, holiday announcements, business open hours etc.

The Mimosa Xp Team is available to offer the following services to you

Data Migration

At your request, the Mimosa Xp team is available to help bring your data from whatever format unto the Mimosa platform

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Software is work in progress. Our team is always working around the clock bringing new features, bug fixes, security patches etc to enrich the Mimosa experience. However, if clients desire certain modifications to be made to the Mimosa platform, the team is more than willing to assist in that regard. T & C apply.

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ICT Compentency Training

If your staff do not meet the Mimosa ICT Compentency prequisite, no need to worry. The we have a comprehensive ICT Compentency Training Module (ICT-CTM) that will upgrade the skills level of your staff to be able to effectively man and operate Mimosa.

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Check our Pricing

Mimosa SE

¢150 / mo
  • Setup Fee : ¢1,500
  • 1 Bank Account
  • Single Branch
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Mimosa MC

¢200 / mo
  • Setup Fee : ¢2,500
  • 1 Bank Account
  • Single Branch
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Mimosa MF Standard

¢300 / mo
  • Setup Fee : ¢3,500
  • Multiple Bank Accounts
  • Multiple Branches
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Mimosa MF Ultimate

¢400 / mo
  • Setup Fee : ¢4,500
  • Multiple Bank Accounts
  • Multiple Branches
  • Customizable. T & C Apply
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Mimosa Xp is a higly secure cloud based Microfinance application. It is available 24/7 and ubiquitous.

Yes. But then you will have to bear all the cost of the team's travel, accommodation, feeding and risk allowance aside from the setup fee you will have to pay. The security of the application will also be in your hands. Norgence will not be liable for any data loss or breaches while the setup is on your local machine.

No. Mimosa Xp was developed for Susu, Micro Credit and Microfinance businesses. However, you can use the loan management module of the application to manage debtors and their repyaments.

Yes. Mimosa supports multiple branches. But this feature is only available to Mimosa MF users. It is not also available in trial mode.

Mimosa is not free. Although you can have one month free demo, you will have to choose amonng three tiers; Mimosa SE Mimosa MC and Mimosa MF at the end of the trial period to continue to enjoy the power and ease of Mimosa Xp

Mimosa is a web application. The frontend is built on the standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS & JS. The Backend logic is built using PHP and the database management system is MySQL


What they are saying about us

Ever since we switched to Mimosa Xp SE, the experience has been nothing short of awesomeness. They even assisted us to migrate our data from our previous vendor.

Anastasia Nsoh

General Manager @ Reality Makers

Bolgatanga, UE/R

As accountants, we needed a system that will understand our processes. Mimosa came to the rescue.

Alex Nyarko

CEO @ Queens Micro Credit

Sunyani, Bono/R

We have been using Mimosa for the past 4 years now. No hustle jut peace of mind. We just upgraded to Mimosa Xp. The experience has been great so far.

Patrick Denkyi

General Manager @ STCCU

Bibiani, Western North/R

The Mimosa team itself is the real deal. We have access to them and they are always available.

Maxwell Okyere

CEO @ Metro Gold Microfinance

Tema Golf City, GA/R

Mimosa does the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is make your entries and watch Mimosa crunch it all into simple & assessible reports.

Kunche Bismark

Credit officer @ Queens Micro Credit

Sunyani, Bono/R

Been with Mimosa through the financial melt down in Ghana. We went down for a couple of year but when we returned, we just picked up from where we left off as if we never left.

Eunice Abapale

GM @ Gold Door Susu Services

Nkorakan, Eastern/R


Our hard working team

Naa B. Albert

CEO & Founder

Full Stack Developer & AI enthusiast

Alhassan Issifu

Backend Developer

Back-end developer Love anything programming and binary.

Francis Aweenagua

Frontend Developer

Google enthusiast. Passionate about Robotics, AI and IoT.

Frederick Ato Quarshie

Training & Systems Restoration Engineer

Loves Mathematics and Technology

Victor Awmakoba



Flavia Seidu

Customer Engagement


Our Clients

Meet a cross section of our clients

Justiceman Susu Enterprise
S. T. Microfinance
St. Theresah Co-operative Credit Union
Reality Maker Susu Enterprise
Queens Micro Credit
Anglican Diocesan Development Relief Organization
Confidence Susu Enterprise
Vision Micro Credit
Metro Gold Microfinance
Gold Door Microfinance
Bingubere Susu Enterprise
S Susu Enterprise
Paramount Micro Credit

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